Autonomous and assisted driving: what they are and what levels are available

Autonomous and assisted driving: what they are and what levels are available

Autonomous and assisted driving

Autonomous driving is a technology that, over the last few years, has undergone a rapid and growing evolution, thus reaching levels that until recently could not be rational and feasible. According to recent polls, there is no real preference on the part of motorists; some hope to see more widespread adoption by manufacturers while others still feel rather skeptical about it.

Greater adoption of autonomous and assisted driving systems could allow for safer roads and less travel in the future stressful ; naturally to reach a good level it will be necessary to have a massive use by motorists and, certainly, by car manufacturers.

At present, numerous technologies are available on the road and it is therefore easy to confuse the different examples of systems of circulating automation; the assisted driving systems (also known as ADAS) make it possible to mitigate any errors and distractions while driving, while the autonomous driving systems act actively, taking full control of the car. The latter are increasingly developing and, precisely on the occasion of CES 2022, numerous manufacturers and brands presented innovative ready-made solutions and revolutionized the market and use of cars.

Driving assisted

This category includes those systems that make it possible to intervene on the car in certain limited and certain driving conditions. Known as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistents Systems) are those systems that are able to interact with the driver, improving comfort and safety.

Auto giant BYD to use Baidu’s automated driving software: Baidu CEO

Baidu is teaming up with BYD to provide the auto giant with automated driving software to be used in multiple popular BYD models, Baidu CEO Robin Li said on Tuesday during his company’s Q4 2021 earnings call. BYD plans to adopt Baidu’s Apollo Navigation Pilot assisted driving software, which enables hands-free driving on highways, and its AVP autonomous parking system, Li revealed, without giving further details. Best-known for its search engine, Baidu is also developing electric vehicles in partnership with automaker Geely and plans to begin mass production of its first model in 2023. [Baidu earnings call transcript]


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