Android Auto Wireless Adapters | The best of 2022

Android Auto Wireless Adapters | The best of 2022

Using a smartphone while driving is one of the worst vices of motorists. In addition to being prohibited by the Highway Code, it is, in fact, extremely dangerous because it distracts the driver from what happens on the road. More and more users are listening to music, using messaging or navigation apps while driving using their iOS or Android smartphone. Having a car with an infotainment system which in turn supports Android Auto, or Apple CarPlay, can certainly be a valid solution to avoid using a smartphone while driving.

Today's guide is dedicated to purchase of the best adapters that allow you to connect your smartphone and use Android Auto wirelessly, eliminating cables from the passenger compartment.

Android Auto is an app that replaces an infotainment system and uses the connection between the car and the phone to provide access to applications, maps and messaging and therefore manage the smartphone without distractions. The connection between the devices, telephone and vehicle, usually takes place with a USB cable but wireless connections can also be used, using dedicated devices. Once the connection is established, Android Auto allows you to view contact icons, messages, call logs, music and compatible apps on the screen of the infotainment system or phone in a simple and optimized menu.

As with Apple CarPlay, the app developed by Google allows you to connect your smartphone and manage it using the commands of your car: thanks to Android Auto, you can use the car's display to manage Android applications compatible devices installed on the smartphone. The list of apps compatible with Android Auto is very long; the broad support given to third-party developers is in fact one of the reasons that led to the success of this operating system. Among the many we mention Google Maps (navigation), Waze (navigation), WhatsApp (messaging), Messenger (messaging), Telegram (messaging), WeChat (messaging), Hangouts (video calls), Skype (video calls), Google Play Music (music ), Spotify (music), VLC (audio / video playback), Deezer (music), Amazon Music (listening to music), Tidal (listening to music), Audiobooks (listening to audiobooks), Audible (listening to audiobooks).

Let's not forget that to establish the connection with Android Auto you can connect the smartphone to the dedicated USB port, or use the Wireless connection. In order for the connection to be possible, and therefore to be able to use Android Auto, it is necessary to have a smartphone with an Android operating system and with at least version 5.0. Only once started, Android Auto will show a list of compatible apps installed on the phone. We reiterate that devices with an Android 9 or lower operating system do not have Android Auto pre-installed: in this case, however, it is possible to take advantage of the free version available on the Google Play Store; Android Auto is in fact integrated into the operating system of devices with Android 10.

Regarding compatibility with the car, although many cars are not compatible with Android Auto Wireless, thanks to some accessories available on the market it is possible to transform the system in an inevitably more practical and cordless version. To do this, however, you need to purchase compatible wireless adapters. Their operation is as simple as possible; just connect it to the car via USB and pair it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then via WiFi. Of course the car must be Android Auto ready considering that the device cannot add Android Auto compatibility to the vehicle by itself.

In addition to operation, it is necessary to know which car models support the service. Android Auto is compatible with over 400 car models, including Peugeot, Renault, Smart, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Volkswagen, Volvo Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Borgward, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citro├źn, Dodge, Fiat , Ford, Maserati, Kia and Opel. However, it can support various stereo system models, such as those from Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony Alpine, CVTE, JBL, JVC and Kenwood. Let's not forget that Android Auto can be supplied as standard or as an option: you may therefore be in possession of a car model compatible with Android Auto but not be able to use it if not added during the purchase.

If you own of a car not compatible with Android Auto Wireless, it is possible to transform the system into the more practical version without cable thanks to some aftermarket accessories. In fact, there are many USB dongle manufacturers who have thought of creating special accessories for car models that are not compatible with the wireless mode of the application.

Wireless adapters for Android Auto allow you to use an interface simple and intuitive, with integrated steering wheel controls and a series of effective voice commands that minimize distractions on the road. The use of an adapter automatically enables wireless services without the need to install additional apps. Not surprisingly, the wireless adapters are "plug and play" devices: the connection between the device and the car takes place via the USB port and once connected it will allow you to use the system without having to perform the search and connection operation before each use. . Thanks to a first installation, the wireless connection between car and smartphone will in fact be automatic. We just have to discover the best adapters for Android Auto!

The best wireless adapters for Android Auto

Android Auto wireless adapter Carlinkit wireless adapter AAWireless adapter

Android Auto wireless adapter

The first product we offer is the adapter car wireless and equipped with 5G WiFi + Bluetooth 5.0 dual connection transmission. We are talking about a device that, once connected via a USB cable, will allow you to connect your smartphone and take advantage of many apps and interact with the car in a simple and intuitive way. In the event that the car is not equipped with wired Carplay, the Alink app must be installed on the vehicle before the accessory can be connected. Please note that, as for the following product, this accessory is only compatible with aftermarket car stereos with Android.

Carlinkit wireless adapter

The second product we have selected is the Carlinkit wireless adapter: a very compact product that will allow you to eliminate cables from the vehicle interior. It is important to know that the dongle does not support cars equipped with wired Carplay but is only suitable for users who have an Android Auto aftermaket car stereo inside their car. However, in order for the adapter to be recognized, the Autokit application must be installed on the car system. Once the adapter is connected to the USB port and the smartphone is connected via Bluetooth, it is possible to obtain directions via the Waze Google GPS navigation app, make calls, send or receive messages and listen to the Spotify music app. The product supports iPhone with iOS (7.1 and above), Android smartphone (5.1 and above), car stereo with Android version (4.4.2 and above).

AAWireless adapter

Synchronizing mobile navigation software, music apps, making calls, sending and receiving text messages, will be much easier and, above all, will allow you to stay focused while driving. AAWireless is a small box of about 5 centimeters that must be connected to the car via a USB port in order to communicate. We are talking about a product that is easy to use and equipped with a small status LED: to be able to use AAWireless on board the car it is only necessary to install, only at first start, the dedicated app for the smartphone and configure the device. Once the configuration is finished, the system will automatically start Android Auto upon successful logins. Thanks to AAWireless you can therefore transform the Android Auto connection between the smartphone and the infotainment system from USB to wireless. Before purchasing it is essential to check if the device is compatible with your car. The device is currently only available on Indiegogo.

How to choose the best wireless adapters for Android Auto

As we know, systems like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are getting more and more winning the favor of motorists, especially because they allow you to use the phone while driving in a much safer way. The advantage of the smartphone, and therefore of Android Auto, compared to car infotainment systems, is that they update much faster, thus offering a better driving experience. Today it is no longer impossible to switch from a wired to a wireless version thanks to third-party devices that only need to be inserted into the vehicle's USB port, transforming the classic cable connection into one without cables. As repeatedly stressed, the wireless connection inevitably has multiple benefits, first of all the absence of cables in the passenger compartment which leads to a consequent reduction of any errors due to poor quality products.

Choosing the best wireless adapter for Android Auto must inevitably take into account the compatibility with your smartphone and with the car. Knowing the technical specifications is essential for the accessory to work with the car, but it is also essential to consider the practicality and build quality of each accessory.

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