These smartphones will have a battery that will last up to 4 days

These smartphones will have a battery that will last up to 4 days

Although the technology related to the smartphone sector has evolved a lot over time, that related to the progress of the integrated battery has not gone hand in hand.

For better or worse, we are used to the equation that more than the battery of a smartphone it is great, the more its autonomy will benefit. It's true, the software also does its part (for example if you connect iOS with Android) but the basic concept remains unchanged.

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IBM intervened during the MEET2022 conference stating that, according to his studies, with the arrival of 2nm SoCs the batteries will last up to 4 days. It is clear that not all smartphones will be able to reach this goal, it is likely that it will be valid for products with a large battery size. But if a device goes from a current day and a half to 3 it will surely be a more than appreciable result.

If everything IBM reports is correct, in 2023 we will have 2nm SoCs and some of the smartphones that could use them they are the Galaxy S23, Xiaomi 13, OPPO Find X5 Pro and OnePlus 11.

Technology goes and must go towards a sustainable future and SoCs made at 2 nm, says IBM, will help achieve the result. The batteries will last longer and the fact of recharging them less frequently will help.

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