Some COVID QR Codes refer to a pandemic game

Some COVID QR Codes refer to a pandemic game

Almost two years have passed since the world found itself clashing with the COVID-19 epidemic. Now the omicron variant has returned the coronavirus to worry many, as COVID tests are incredibly hard to find in the UK these days. There is something very curious that is happening in the UK however, as many are claiming to have received a very special QR code once the test was performed.

The reports that have emerged on the net reveal that all those who request the test are sent an e-mail that includes a QR code that entitles them to such tests. However, the user known on the net as PetreN revealed that when the QR code link is opened, these people are somewhat unexpectedly directed to the mobile game Plague Inc. if it is installed on their phone.

The same GameByte development team tested the actual veracity of this story using an Android device, finding that the QR code actually opens the Plague Inc application on the mobile device. The reason for this isn't clear at all at the moment, but the guys at GameByte suggest that the mobile title and QR code might share a similar codename which is what makes the two apps confuse the phones.

Anyone explain this ?? @guardian @TheSun @DailyMailUK @Independent @GOVUK

- PetreN (@lenn_box) January 11, 2022

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The situation is particularly curious, and as we can see from the video posted on Twitter, everything happens very smoothly.

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