Puma ready to join the metaverse

Puma ready to join the metaverse

Puma has announced that it wants to enter the metaverse. According to reports, the giant retail company plans to include virtual products as part of its catalog and caters to local and international customers. The official launch date remains unknown however as Puma has yet to disclose any information about the digital products to be retailed.

With trademark filing, the design company is committed to providing an intuitive website along with the PC application software. According to Blockworks reports, customer services include virtual reality games and related entertainment modes.

Quoting Josh Gerben, “Puma's offerings will include online but non-downloadable virtual footwear, clothing, headwear, eyewear, bags, sports bags, backpacks, sports equipment, art, toys, accessories, digital and non-animated cartoon drawings and characters, avatars, digital overlays and skins. "

It was also added that the company was looking for to involve a management partner to coordinate with the Web3 companies. Candidates are expected to be familiar with everything related to DAOs, NFTs, and the metaverse in general. Josh, who is a trademark attorney working with Gerben Intellectual Property, also saw in the trademark that the catalog features would be used explicitly within the digital space.

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Reports suggest the company could benefit from its athletic library with the likes of LaMelo Ball, Mikey William, and Deandre Ayton, among others, who would be instrumental in shaping Puma's youth market for the metaverse.

Puma follows a new trend towards the metaverse in the clothing and design sector. The design company comes in third after rivals like Nike and Adidas embraced similar initiatives in 2021. Adidas Design Company first entered the metaverse with the launch of NFT and has since gained a share of the digital space within. The Sandbox. The Sandbox is an ETH-based non-fungible decentralized token game metaverse. The design firm aspires to celebrate original, new-age concepts.

Adidas Originals vice president of marketing and communications explained that the company is taking a front row seat in the creative arena of the Metaverse. According to Erika Wykes-Sneyd, this is an inevitable direction for Adidas Originals as the company has always envisioned an adventurous world with endless possibilities. In addition to that, the footwear manufacturing company, Nike, has also proposed job vacancies under the titles Virtual Material Designer I, Virtual Material Designer II and Footwear.

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