PlayStation Studios | All Sony exclusive teams and their history

PlayStation Studios | All Sony exclusive teams and their history

At the gates of the new generation of consoles, especially following the importance that users give to the exclusives present on the different gaming machines, both SONY and Microsoft have decided to group all the acquired first party studios under a single banner, or founded, over the course of their career. In this article, we want to present the studies that deal with the creation of the exclusive SONY badges. We are obviously talking about the recent PlayStation Studios: their story, however, began years ago.

PlayStation Studios: how were they born?

SIE Worldwide Studios were founded in September 2005 with the purpose to create a collective of developers to create, supervise and manage the development of all productions, exclusive to PlayStation consoles. The consequent growth in the number of teams acquired by the Japanese giant over the years, combined with the desire to use a unique and immediately recognizable brand, lead SONY to the creation, in 2020, of PlayStation Studios.

Il collective is made up, to date, of 13 development teams who, over the decades of PlayStation's history, have created, or have collaborated on, series that have become iconic. Although founded in mid-2020, however, the new logo will only be used starting from November, with the start of the PS5's life cycle. The first titles to have the PlayStation Studios effigy, in fact, will be Spider-Man Miles Morales, Demon's Souls and Sackboy a big Adventure.

PlayStation Studios teams

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