Mercedes Vision EQXX, electric with 1000 km of autonomy

Mercedes Vision EQXX, electric with 1000 km of autonomy

Mercedes Vision EQXX

With a few hours ahead of the opening to the public of the CES 2022 which will take place in Las Vegas, Mercedes has unveiled the Mercedes Vision EQXX concept: it is a taste of what we can expect from the electric Mercedes of the future, which will feature lines. clean and aerodynamic, low weight and class-leading autonomy.

The new Mercedes Vision EQXX is able to travel 1000 km on a single charge, a result that has been achieved thanks to the skilful mix of a efficient aerodynamics and as low a weight as possible; the work carried out by the Mercedes engineers proceeded in close contact with the Mercedes teams in Formula 1 and Formula E, which supported the development of the 200 horsepower electric motor, capable of consuming just 10 kWh to travel 100 km. For comparison, consumption is usually around 20 kWh per 100 km, so this is a really exciting result. Energy efficiency, also thanks to some components taken from the AMG One hypercar, reaches 95%, a very positive result and much better than that obtained from thermal engines, which usually are around 30% efficiency. br>
The aerodynamic coefficient of the new Mercedes Vision EQXX is 0.18, and the installed battery pack is small in size: while offering 100 kWh of storable energy, the battery pack is 50% smaller and 30% lighter (weighing 495 kg) than that installed on the Mercedes EQS. This commitment made it possible to bring the weight of the car to just over 1700 kg.

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The interiors, made with vegan materials with low environmental impact , seem to come out of Cyberpunk 2077: they are minimal but at the same time very particular and futuristic, and are embellished by the presence of an artificial intelligence software based on neural networks, able to manage the driver's requests in a much faster and more precise way.

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Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX: 1,000-Kilometer EV With Mushroom Seat Leather

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX electric car making its debut at this week’s Consumer Electronic Show could set a benchmark for EV efficiency, the electric concept said to get 620 miles range per charge, or 1,000 kilometers.

The coupe-like sedan features a highly aero-efficient design and a lighter, smaller battery pack than existing Mercedes EVs. It also uses both recycled and bio-engineered materials – such as a mushroom-based vegan “leather” – to improve its sustainability.

“The Vision EQXX is all about creating a holistically better electric car that looks stunning and futuristic,” said Daimler and Mercedes Chairman Ola Källenius, during a CES presentation. Like a number of other participants, the German automaker cancelled its CES participation and shifted to a virtual presence due to the latest COVID wave.

1,600 pounds less than the larger EQSFront seats and dashboard of the Concept EQXX. Mercedes-BenzLighter, Less Drag, More Efficient Batteries

Mercedes is in the midst of rolling out a wave of long-range battery-electric vehicle, including the EQS sedan that will be its first entry into the U.S. market.

Like the EQS, the EQXX concept puts a premium on efficiency, starting with a “one-bow” aerodynamic shape that would, in production, be the most aero-efficient vehicle on the market. It has a drag coefficient of 0.17 compared to the EQS’s 0.20.

That’s one way to improve efficiency. And Mercedes engineers have come up with quite a few others. For the batteries, they’ve adopted a high-silicon anode and other improvements to the cells used in the Vision EQXX. As a result, they’re 50% smaller and 30% lighter than those found in the EQS. That helps hold the total mass of the coupe-like sedan to 3,850 pounds, about 1,600 pounds less than the larger EQS, and 400 pounds less than a conventionally powered CLS sedan.

Mercces-Benz Vision EQxxMercedes-Benz Vision EQXX rear review. Mercedes-BenzSolar Cells on the Roof

What Mercedes is doing with its batteries, other automakers are working to deliver as well: making them weigh less and fit in smaller spaces. They’re also working on cutting recharge time. Every automaker wants to cut recharge time to as little as 10 or 15 minutes, not much longer than a gasoline fill-up.

Other improvements reduce energy losses in the Vision concept’s electronics and the battery pack’s climate control system. And a roof covered with solar cells helps charge up a secondary battery powering ancillary vehicle systems. All told, about 95% of energy contained in the batteries reached the wheels, compared to 75% with the EQS. Measured another way, the EQXX gets the equivalent of 235 miles per gallon.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXXMercedes-Benz Vixion EQXX interior. Mercedes-Benz

“Efficiency is the new currency,” said Mercedes’ R&D chief Markus Schafer.

The EQXX also demonstrates new ways to enhance vehicle sustainability, especially in the cabin. Recycled and natural materials are used extensively, said interior design leader Joana Jarisch. Mycellium, part of the root-like structure of mushrooms, are used to produce “the look and feel” of real leather.

The EQS started out as a show car, the Vision EQS of 2019. There has been speculation the EQXX might also wind up in production, in part because the concept, as it stands now, is seen as buildable without major changes. For now, Mercedes officials are saying only that “Many of its features and developments are already being integrated” into other production models the company is working on.

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