Halo Infinite praised by Marcus Lehto, creator of the series: "the magic of Halo returns"

Halo Infinite praised by Marcus Lehto, creator of the series: the magic of Halo returns

Halo Infinite praised by Marcus Lehto, creator of the series

Halo Infinite was greatly appreciated by Marcus Lehto, one of the creators of the first chapter and of the series in general within Bungie, who was able to play the new title and share his impressions on Twitter, where he praised 343. Industries for being able to bring back the original magic of the series.

"Hat off my friends at 343 Industries," Lehto wrote, "The Halo Infinite campaign brings back the magic of Halo. enjoying these moments in the company of Chief! " This is of considerable importance when you consider that Lehto was practically the lead designer who created the character of Master Chief and one of the authors of the entire Halo series when he was in Bungie.

The author then broke away from Bungie and recently created Disintegration, which turned out to be an interesting project but without being able to breach the public, so much so as to lead to the closure of the team.

Just in these weeks it emerged that Lehto is involved in the general relaunch of the Battlefield series by EA, in charge of developing content and projects within the new management of the series under the guidance of Vince Zampella.

Note that the developer also found some problems in his gaming experience, particularly in the use of the TacMap: "I'm having difficulty distinguishing the priority objectives on the map, a common problem or something from OK Boomer? " He wrote in another post.

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