Half Life: Alyx could arrive on PlayStation VR2, according to an insider

Half Life: Alyx could arrive on PlayStation VR2, according to an insider

Half Life

Half Life: Alyx is one of the greatest VR games, if not the best, so the possibility of its arrival on PlayStation VR2 would represent really good news for all future buyers of Sony's new virtual reality headset and according to a insider it could come true.

Nick "Shpeshal Nick" Baker is the insider in question, who claims that Valve and Sony have agreed to bring Half-Life: Alyx to PlayStation VR2, although he doesn't know say when this could happen. Shpeshal Nick is an insider who often intervenes with various predictions, which in some cases have even come true, even if at the moment his balance is still doubtful, so let's take it as a simple rumor without any confirmation.

Responding to Benji-Sales on Twitter, who envisioned a possible deal between Sony and Valve to bring Half-Life: Alyx to PlayStation VR2, which would help a mainstream affirmation of the technology and benefit both companies, Nick reported that "from what I hear, they have settled, but I'm not sure when this will happen".

So there would actually be an agreement between Sony and Valve, according to the insider, which should bring Half-Life: Alyx to PlayStation VR2. The thing is definitely doubtful, considering that the title in question is considered a sort of "Valve exclusive", developed to push the Valve Index viewer but on the other hand it is also possible to play it with other viewers, however it remains an important Steam exclusive. , which makes it difficult to think about his move to PS5. Furthermore, it is not clear how the insider in question could have received information about a deal based on a headset that had not even been announced yet.

It is also true, however, that Valve could evaluate the resulting benefits from the greater diffusion of the game through a device that aims to be mainstream like PlayStation VR2, so it may not be absurd. On the other hand, the team had not previously wanted to rule out the possibility of Alyx's arrival on PlayStation VR. Recall that PlayStation VR2 was announced yesterday, with the presentation of Horizon Call of the Mountain as well.

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Rumor – Half-Life: Alyx Is Coming To PSVR 2

Sony and Valve are working to bring the critically acclaimed Half-Life: Alyx to the PSVR 2, according to XboxEra co-founder, Nick Baker.

When asked on Twitter if the two companies are likely to secure Half-Life: Alyx a release on the new virtual reality headset, Baker replied:

From what I’ve been told, they have. Not sure when it’s happening though. I thought this was one of those open secrets?

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Half-Life Alyx was released in March 2020 for PC-compatible VR headsets, and takes place between the events of 1998’s Half-Life and 2004’s Half-Life 2.

Here, the Earth has been overthrown by the alien Combine, who have set up a brutal police state. The story follows Alyx Vance, who is a member of the human resistance movement stealing resources from Combine alongside her father, Dr. Eli Vance.

The PSVR 2 is rumored to be shipping in Q2 2022, with the full specs having been revealed at CES 2022 earlier this week.

[Source – Nick Baker on Twitter]

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