Final Fantasy 7 Remake becomes even more nostalgic thanks to the classic camera

Final Fantasy 7 Remake becomes even more nostalgic thanks to the classic camera

Thanks to the arrival on PC, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is equipping itself with several mods. Beyond the most absurd ones, already among the most downloaded on Nexus and the various tools that optimize the game even better, today we prefer to tell you about a real change that makes the title even more nostalgic than it is.

We are talking, of course, about the game camera. Final Fantasy 7 Remake has in fact a decidedly different room than the original version. Why are we talking about modification and not actual mod? Because the new angle of view is not the result of an add-on that can be downloaded from Nexus, but of a modification created by the YouTube user who made the video. The result is obviously fantastic and if you are wondering if it can be achieved well the answer is yes, but you will need some ingenuity.

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The video was in fact made using the photomode which is available at this address upon subscription to Otis_Inf's Patreon. Unfortunately, everything is not so automatic and careful manual programming is required to make it very similar to the final result proposed by the user. As specified by the creator, this is a proof of concept, which he hopes can be made by modders to make the title even more nostalgic than it already is.

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