Apex Legends successfully closes the new edition of the Open Fiber Cup

Apex Legends successfully closes the new edition of the Open Fiber Cup

Apex Legends has successfully closed the new edition of the Open Fiber Cup, the eSports competition that started last November, which with the final on January 16th has exceeded 300,000 views on Twitch.

Just updated with the Abissi event Dark, Apex Legends was the great protagonist of the event, reiterating the great popularity of the battle royale formula developed by Respawn Entertainment under the aegis of Electronic Arts.

The Open Fiber Cup has also consolidated the collaboration between Open Fiber, a leading company for infrastructures built entirely in optical fiber, and ESL, the reference platform for eSports in Italy. Here are the highlights of the final!

140 participating teams battled from November 2021 until the final in January, led by Bryan "BryanBox" Ronzani, who surpassed 300,000 views on Twitch and who has saw the ZBW team triumph. To the elected champion team, made up of players Balerion, Willemkh and Zerefttv and to the best teams of the tournament, a prize pool of 4,000 euros in Amazon vouchers.

Edition innovated, in addition to the host title, also in the formula: the Open Fiber Cup has seen an ever greater involvement of the competitive community, represented by EGA_TVs and the expert voices of casters Thomas "Hal" Avallone and Edoardo " Eddie "Cianciosi, one of the faces most appreciated by the competitive community.

For the first time in this edition, participants were able to participate with the cross-platform formula, ie without platform restrictions, regardless of whether it is console or PC.

Apex Legends, a fighting sequence "The partnership between Open Fiber and ProGaming is confirmed with this solid and innovative project, reflecting the DNA of our companies, which make concreteness and innovation fundamental elements in a formula winning and appreciated by our public, more and more attentive and eager to actively get involved ", said Schenk Nicoletta of ESL Italia.

" We have been actively supporting the gaming world for two years and the response of the community is always very positive. In 2022 we will launch various initiatives that will aim to broaden users' awareness of the need for FTTH connectivity, made entirely of optical fiber, to compete at the highest levels, with infinitesimal latency times and professional player performance ", he said. instead said Andrea Colucci of Open Fiber.

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