The Medium developers stop the sales of their games in Russia

The Medium developers stop the sales of their games in Russia

While awaiting responses from PlayStation and Xbox, Bloober Team has taken action against the war in Ukraine unleashed by the Russian invasion. The developers are known for tons of horror games including The Medium and Layers of Fear, and the decision was announced on Twitter and will roll out to all platforms.

Bloober's announcement Team is clear enough. "The Russian invasion, without any kind of provocation, continues and is killing civilians and defenders. We have therefore made the decision to suspend the sale of all our games in Russia and Belarus, ”wrote the development team on Twitter. This means that all the games produced by the software house will be removed from the territories mentioned in their press release, including The Medium, the latest work by the Polish software house.

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Dear community,

(1/5) As the Russian unprovoked invasion of Ukraine continues, killing defenders and civilians alike, we at Bloober Team have decided to stop selling our titles in Russia and Belarus across all platforms. #BlooberTeam #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar

- Bloober Team (@BlooberTeam) March 3, 2022

Bloober Team continues. “We believe that joining the global resistance can make a difference. We want to be on the side of the world that does not close its eyes. And we don't want to be neutral at a time when human lives are at risk, ”concludes the development team. We do not know, however, what other actions will be taken, although it is very likely that in the next few hours or days the Polish development team will be able to announce donations for foundations that are involved in helping civilians, victims of this conflict. .

You can buy The Medium for PlayStation 5 on Amazon.

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