The King: welcome Testori, farewell Montalbano

The King: welcome Testori, farewell Montalbano

The King

When there is a difficult inmate they send him to the San Michele prison. Because there is the King, the director Bruno Testori, one who sleeps little, gets angry easily, threatens, hits hard and shoots coke. All rights are suspended, except for him to decide for anyone and at any time. What happens inside his prison remains inside the prison because he is the sovereign, with his underworld and criminal methods. This is the title of the new Sky TV series, a prison-drama directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi (you will remember his trilogy 1992 - 1993 - 1994) in eight episodes, starring Luca Zingaretti.

At the antipodes of the Commissioner Montalbano, the actor falls this time into a dark role, full of shadows and anxieties, and in a story where there is still a mystery to be solved and a suspect to be found. Despot of a lawless prison with the syndrome of omnipotence, Testori loses in the first episode his best and perhaps only friend, played by Giorgio Colangeli, aka "the commander loved by all". He sounds like a human justification for what we'll see next: pain blinds. All the more so because little by little we discover a piece of Testori's private life: a daughter (who has been) seriously ill. The writer has only seen the first two episodes in preview, hoping that the next ones do not tend to pity the public to make Testori's work somehow forgivable, it is a theme that for the moment is introduced without rhetoric, as a fact that certainly weighs and marks those who live it, but without moral blackmail for the viewer.

This is another point in favor of the solid script by Stefano Bises, Peppe Fiore, Bernardo Pellegrini, Davide Serino. The only drawback: only men in writing, plus Gagliardi directing and a male protagonist. A little excessive. It is no coincidence that the only characters who create problems for Testori are women, seen and presented in the first episodes as very tough, fearless and with a strong character. In addition to his ex-wife played by the always partly Barbora Bobulova, there is Isabella Ragonese in the unprecedented role of the angry policewoman and beating who does not always agree with the boss, and above all what we could define as "the Queen" and then speculate him at female Testori able to stand up to him: the prosecutor Laura Lombardo, masterfully interpreted by a very blonde Anna Bonaiuto.

Laura Lombardo arrives to investigate what happens in the prison, with her sarcasm and her countless cigarettes, without giving anyone discounts. His obsession is justice, and it is precisely on that field that the first confrontation with Testori takes place, convinced that "there is no justice, there are people and circumstances: I to his state justice that reduces man to evil that he did without knowing what is behind it or because I no longer believe in it ». It is one of the most effective lines of a series that knows how to thrill, thanks to a convincing script, a fast-paced direction, thoroughbred interpreters and epically dark music (they are signed by Corrado Carosio and Pierangelo Fornaro).

Side note, we would have to reflect on why prison drama is finally a popular genre in Italy: first with the excellent film Ariaferma by Leonardo Di Costanzo (even that could become an excellent series, the idea is there and it's strong), now with The King. There would be some reasoning about the country's pandemic, and perhaps prepandemic, claustrophobia. But this - Wilder would say - is another story.



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