The Feltrinelli Comics releases of March 2022

The Feltrinelli Comics releases of March 2022

The Feltrinelli Comics releases ofa> March 2022 have been released. There are two releases: Don Zauker - The last exorcism and COMICS & SCIENCE VOL. 1.

The Feltrinelli Comics releases of March 2022

Don Zauker - The last exorcism

Authors: Emiliano Pagani, Daniele Caluri

Format: 128 pages

Price: € 17

Release date: March 3

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Feltrinelli Comics releases of March 2022 Madonnas crying, demons chased away with bludgeons, children baptized with scaracchi, money extorted from the faithful, interpretations of the sacred scriptures that make popes and rabbis tremble, scams, rip-offs and scams: this and more is the world of Don Zauker, even more extreme, even more hilarious. Just at the moment when he seemed to have hung the crucifix on a nail, an unexpected mission calls him, and the exorcist priest will sacrifice himself with his well-known heroism to carry it out. We will find out in the original that closes The Last Exorcism and which further enriches a new collection of stories originally published in the "Vernacoliere", specially revised by the authors for the diabolical pleasure of the fans.

Buy Don Zauker - The Last Exorcism on Amazon COMICS & SCIENCE VOL. 1

Authors: Federico Bertolucci, Diego Cajelli, Giovanni Eccher, Claudia Flandoli, Leo Ortolani, Giuseppe Palumbo, Gabriele Peddes, Sergio Ponchione, Tuono Pettinato

Format: 240 pages

Price: 23 €

Release date: 31 March

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Because science and its discoveries pervade daily life and affect our destinies like never before in history. Because in comics it becomes clear what we are not all aware of: science is fun. And adventurous. And exciting.

The Comics & Science project was born with the aim of promoting the relationship between scientific dissemination and quality entertainment. Since 2013 the CNR, National Research Council, has published a series of books made by some of the best Italian cartoonists, who have immersed themselves in the activities and places of science. They emerged with unique and compelling stories, in which imagination and originality go hand in hand with rigor and precision. Stories, collected in this volume, which accompany us in the most fascinating "mysteries" of physics, chemistry, mathematics ... in classical and contemporary fields of knowledge, investigated for millennia.

Leo Ortolani and the secrets of crystallography Federico Bertolucci and the world of Internet Zerocalcare and the study of matter Giovanni Eccher and Sergio Ponchione and the Periodic Table Diego Cajelli and Andrea Scoppetta and Artificial Intelligence Gabriele Peddes and identity digital Giovanni Eccher and Gabriele Peddes, and the threat of computer viruses Claudia Flandoli and the mathematics of Fibonacci Giuseppe Palumbo and the genius of Archimede Tuono Pettinato and the paradoxes of time. Each story is accompanied by a critical apparatus by Roberto Natalini and Andrea Plazzi, creators of the Comics & Science project.

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