Microsoft Surface Go 3: the offer you can't miss! Play, study and work all in one tablet!

Microsoft Surface Go 3: the offer you can't miss! Play, study and work all in one tablet!

Microsoft Surface Go 3

Tablets, as we know, are excellent devices for studying, working and watching multimedia content wherever you prefer. Sometimes, however, we look for a device capable of going beyond what is the typical tablet and the solution, in these cases, is the Microsoft Surface Go 3, to which Amazon is reserving a special discount.

Read also: Tablet for school | The best of 2021 The portal's proposal involves both the wi-fi and LTE models, as well as those with Intel Core i3 processors, the most powerful in the Surface Go 3 range. The wi-fi-only model is currently sold by Amazon for € 629.00, with a net saving of € 70, which reaches € 80 in the case of the LTE variant, the price of which is € 719.00.

The Microsoft Surface Go 3, as mentioned, is a tablet designed to have an edge over the competition, satisfying the most complex needs through the Windows operating system rather than software designed on the Android model typical of the sector and which, albeit optimized , they rarely offer the same possibilities in terms of productivity.

In this sense, the Microsoft Surface Go 3 is closer to the experience of using a notebook than a tablet, thus allowing you to get the best of both worlds worlds: the manageability and versatility of a tablet, and the performance and usability of a laptop, which is ideal for those looking for a device that can be useful for professional or study reasons. In addition, Microsoft Surface Go 3 boasts a series of touch optimizations, which then give their best in conjunction with the Microsoft digital pen, which however is not included.

Despite being the latest generation model, the Microsoft Surface Go 3 has the same design as the old models, which is not a bad thing, since it integrates a support behind the screen, useful for supporting the tablet on a flat surface and allow you to use it at the right angle. The aforementioned support will also serve you to take notes and draw in the best way, all without ever giving up portability. The display is high resolution and reacts well to inputs, including those of the pen which, if purchased, will greatly enhance your user experience with the tablet.

Windows also does not affect the battery, since moment that the Microsoft Surface Go 3 will allow you to cover the whole day without resorting to the charger, and even if you need it, it will only take a few moments to get a good amount of autonomy. In short, a product of substance and unique in many respects, which is why buying it will by no means prove to be a wrong choice.

That said, given the fact that the Microsoft Surface Go 3 is not the only product to be discount on Amazon, we suggest you take a look at the dedicated page to find out for yourself the best offers. Finally, we remind you that if you are further looking for discounts, there is no better place than our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where we will offer you in real time all the best promotions related to Offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing and Sports and Chinese products. Happy shopping!

Surface Pro 8 problems and how to fix them

The Surface Pro 8 is Microsoft's newest 2-in-1, released at the end of 2021 alongside the Surface Go 3. It sports slimmer bezels, haptics on the screen, and a new 120Hz refresh rate. Cool as that is, if you're having issues with your new Surface, don't be vexed. We're here to help.

In this guide, we'll cover some of the most common Surface Pro 8 issues, and how you can fix them all. We'll look at things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, and so much more.

surface pro 8 problems touch screen issuesTouch screen won't work or problems with brightness

One of the top issues people might experience with the Surface Pro 8 is an unresponsive touch screen or issues with brightness. This could be because of a software issue, or due to hardware, like dropping the device. Either way, here's a trick to try and find a fix.

Step 1: Head to the Start Menu and type in Surface Diagnostic Toolkit If there is no result, install the app from the Microsoft Store.

Step 2: Launch the app, and type in Touch Screen in the box on the right. Windows will check for updates, and prompt you to install any. If none are available, you'll be taken to System Repair in the next step. Follow instructions on your screen and answer any questions.

Step 3: The Surface Diagnostic App will run through a list of tests, and if it finds issues with your touch screen, it will automatically run a repair and prompt you to restart. If a resolution can't be reached, you can click any of the links in the last step to phone Microsoft, or schedule an in-person repair.

surface pro 8 problems sound issuesNo sound

The other common problem many might face with the Surface Pro 8 is no sound coming from the system. You might want to check to see if you have headphones or anything connected to your device first, but if you don't and the system is still muted, follow these steps below.

Step 1: Check to see if your Surface Pro is muted. Tap the mute key on the keyboard to unmute, or bring up the Quick Settings, and drag the volume slider up so it's no longer muted.

Step 2: If the problem is still not solved, go to the Windows 11 Start Menu and type Fix Audio then, click the result that says Find and fix problems with playing sound Follow the steps on your screen by clicking Next

Step 3: Windows will stop and start the audio service for you, and your sound should come back. If things still don't work, then try to restart your PC, or check for updates in Windows Update.

surface pro 8 problems network issuesWi-Fi won't work

Can't connect your Surface Pro 8 to the internet? Well, as long as you confirm other devices connect to your Wi-Fi just fine, and that your Wi-Fi login is right, you can run a network diagnostic on your Surface Pro 8 to fix the issue. Here's how.

Step 1: Click to the Windows 11 Start Menu. Then, type Network Problems. From there, choose the Find and Fix Network Problems option.

Step 2: Follow the directions on your screen, and continue along by clicking Next. The diagnostic prompt should start and stop network adapters, and correct any issues. It also will search for updates, too.

Step 3: If all else fails, try restarting your device. Or, move closer to your Wi-Fi router or try using a Wi-Fi dongle, or ethernet cable.

For more tips, check out our guide on common Wi-Fi problems and how to fix them.

surface pro 8 problems pogoType Cover won't connect

If you're having physical issues with the Type Cover on your Surface Pro 8, don't worry. The most common fix is cleaning the POGO ports on the bottom of the Surface Pro 8, or on the Type Cover. Wipe the port with a cloth, or use compressed air to dislodge any dust. If that doesn't work, try running the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit using the touch screen on your system, as it might be a software issue.

For more tips, consider our guide on how to clean a laptop keyboard.

surface pro 8 problems slim pen 2Surface Pen won't work, or no haptic feedback

Have issues with your Surface Pen? If it's the new Surface Slim Pen 2, make sure that you've put it into the cradle in the Type Cover. This will charge up the pen. Also, make sure Bluetooth on your system is turned on, as this is how the pen automatically pairs to your Surface Pro 8 for features like haptic feedback. Otherwise, if you're using an older Surface Pen, check to see if the batteries need replacing. Microsoft has a guide that might help.

For issues with haptic feedback on the Slim Pen 2, open the Bluetooth and Devices section of Windows 11's settings. Then, go to Pen and Windows Ink and make sure the switch for Tactile Signals is on.

surface pro 8 problems cleanupSurface feels or starts up slow

If your Surface Pro 8 is feeling slower than usual, then you might want to run a few tests in Windows 11. Try cleaning up your disk, uninstalling unwanted apps, or stopping processes in Task Manager. Here's how.

Step 1: Clean up your system disk by searching for Disk Cleanup in the Windows 11 Start Menu. Click the result, then check all the boxes, and then click OK. If you want, you also can clean up system files, by clicking the Clean Up System Files button. When ready, click Delete Files to start the process.

Step 2: Uninstall unwanted apps from Windows 11 by going to the Start Menu, right-clicking that app in the list, and choosing Uninstall

Step 3: Hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choose Task Manager. Then, click the Processes tab and look for background processes that might be using up CPU, memory. Keep in mind, don't stop system processes, and only stop ones from programs that aren't in use. Right-click the process, and then click End Task to shut it down.

Step 4: While in Task Manager, look for apps that might be slowing down your startup time. Click Startup and then click Status to sort by enabled or disabled. You can right-click on certain apps, and choose Disable to speed up your boot times. Just keep in mind, some system apps will need to run at start.

Ask Microsoft for help

If you're having an issue that's not listed here, we suggest you reach out to Microsoft for help. Visit the Surface Support website on another PC, choose your device, and then click the Get Service link. Microsoft's Surface Support number is 800-642-7676 and an agent will be happy to help.

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