Fall Guys: Winter Knockout, season 3 is here: all the news

Fall Guys: Winter Knockout, season 3 is here: all the news
Last summer, as you probably remember, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout caught the attention of the public with one of the most interesting launches ever, within its category. Also thanks to the free availability within the PlayStation Plus from the first day, for the entire month of August 2020 and then also in September, all but everyone (casual players, streamers, YouTubers, more or less known personalities from other sectors) they devoted themselves to Fall Guys. The new season is called Winter Knockout and hopes to bring them back, to restore an interest that has now largely waned; it does so by taking advantage, as is appropriate, of the Christmas 2020 holidays.

The golden skins

Fall Guys: Winter Knockout represents the new season of the Mediatonic title. , a full-bodied expansion that returns to insist on contents and modifications to certain cosmetic objects; the changes to the game interface are minimal. We note at least the introduction of a sort of rank, always visible from the main screen, at the bottom left of the screen: now the player will be able to see how many games he has won in total, since he downloaded the video game.

In addition, every number of victories accumulated will unlock a prestigious gold skin, completely free of charge. On the battlefield, this will indicate the "superiority" of the wearer, at least from the point of view of brazen luck, an essential companion to win games.

No changes, however, for the game shop, which has remained substantially unchanged since last August 2020. Here the player can continue to spend crowns and kudos accumulated during the games, thus unlocking new costumes, new funny ballets, new pattern with which to customize the look of your gummy candy. And finally, new gamertags have also arrived: they are shown during games as an additional identifying symbol, but it is really difficult to consider them as something of interest.

Winter content

Season 3 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout naturally insists on the seasonal theme, and therefore all those to be proposed are winter contents. We have now arrived in December 2020, the Christmas period and the immediately following holidays: it is impossible to miss the opportunity to take advantage of all the references of the case. Here then is snow, snow and more snow, seasoned with the right amount of very slippery ice; reindeer, puppets, elves, holiday sweets, and all that is right to expect.

The truth is that after the half misstep constituted by the medieval fantasy themed season 2, Mediatonic seems to have decided to run for cover. Fall Guys players must have decreased significantly since last summer, proof of this is that now a match starts anyway after a certain number of seconds, beyond the actual number of 60 players; however, they are almost always achieved equally. Season 2 introduced a ton of new inspired costumes, but just a handful of new mini-games. And Fall Guys must insist on minigames to keep the attention of those present; otherwise boredom sets in almost immediately.

New minigames

Thankfully, and this is the bright side of Fall Guys: Winter Knockout, this time around Mediatonic seems to have learned its lesson. The first trailer for season 3 immediately insists on a whole series of new minigames, which can then be found immediately in the game upon launch. These are both challenges never seen before, some of which are very original, and then aesthetic changes for the matches already offered in the past months.

And we come to the new levels, which are the main reason for the which one you might decide to return to Fall Guys. In Ski Fall all the players slide on an icy wall: along the way they have to jump inside the circles to accumulate a certain number of points (a greater quantity is guaranteed by the gold circles); at the end of the path you start all over again, and so on until the time runs out and the overall score is calculated. It goes without saying that along the vertical path there are obstacles of all kinds, from bouncy blocks to bellows that hurl the present in the other.

Tundra Run will take the place of the initial levels for the first qualifiers of the match: it means that a good number of players will be immediately cut down, swept away by all the dangers of which the path is littered. Here stand out some unprecedented lethal snow gloves, which suddenly rise from the ground, hurling the rubbery jellies upwards; but there is no shortage of spikes, slippery spots and other annoying obstacles, including giant snowballs. Something very similar happens in the Freezy Peak level, with two important differences: the path is vertical, because you have to reach the top of the mountain; and then there are blasts of air along the way, which can work to your advantage ... or fly away.

Save the penguin!

Bert, the cute penguin who even the Fall Guys community knows well, it got lost. It's up to the players to bring him back home and to their base in a crazy new level of fun. And indeed Pegwin Pursuit is probably the genius gimmick of the entire season: the gummy candy teams have to retrieve the penguin and take it with them; the more time they spend with the penguin in their area, the more the match points increase. Beyond the obstacles along the way, omnipresent, the penguin is really very nice. Furthermore, the creature is both so elusive and so desired by all the others present (including teammates) that being able to keep it to oneself for more than a few seconds is truly a titanic undertaking.

Stay to understand why the heck of the player is still forced to wait for the new levels to jump out of the overall heap: wouldn't it finally be time to give the possibility to select their favorite challenges? Paradoxically, those who return after months of inactivity will immediately find themselves facing the same levels as last summer; Will he be able to wait until luck also offers him the new ones? Fall Guys needs further tweaks to get back to really convincing, net of many effective initiatives. Or, much more simply, is Mediatonic game time completely over?

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