Netatmo thermostat: up to 110 € of Amazon vouchers

Netatmo thermostat: up to 110 € of Amazon vouchers
Today we want to offer you one of the most useful accessories to have at home: a thermostat for the Wi-Fi boiler. Especially with the approach of winter, for those who have control of the boiler exclusively on the device, the management of the heating becomes quite frustrating. The product we are offering you today will allow you not only to manage the boiler directly from inside the apartment, but also remotely wherever you are thanks to the app for tablets and smartphones. The offer on Netatmo NTH01-IT-EC Smart Wifi Thermostat allows you to have up to 110 euros of Amazon gift vouchers, choosing Edison for electricity, gas and home services.

Smart Home: Netatmo thermostat Wi-Fi for boiler on offer on Amazon

Netatmo is a company specialized in the smart home sector. Thanks to a relay connected directly to the boiler, the NTH01-IT-EC device will allow, via the domestic connection, to control all the parameters relating to heating directly from inside the house.

Thanks to the application, it will be enough use your smartphone or tablet to adjust the heating temperature, also based on the temperatures detected by the thermostat which will indicate both that of the heating system and that of the room. It will no longer be necessary to go out to the balcony to activate or regulate the temperature of the home heating.

The features don't stop there. Thanks to the dedicated application, we will bea> able to program the thermostat according to our habits, in order to have an environment that is always warm, but minimizing consumption and avoiding waste. Furthermore, we can remotely decide at any time to activate or deactivate the radiators, in case of unforeseen events. Finally, with the addition of the smart valves (sold separately) we will be able to decide the temperature to be maintained for each room in the house.

Amazon until October 31st has a promotion linked to the Netatmo Wi-Fi thermostat NTH01-EN- And: by purchasing it and joining the Edison Luce Fixed Price 12 and Edison Gas Fixed Price 12 offers, you can have an Amazon voucher up to € 110. Definitely not bad especially in view of the Prime Day of the next 13 and 14 October.

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